Micas is an innovative knitwear studio based in Helsinki.

Micas was founded by actress Marika Salomaa-Kivelä after a life long passion with knitting.

Today the brand stands for innovative urban design and represents quality, functionality and style.



I mix traditional techniques with new brazen science and shapes. Honoring the old traditional ways that built our strong country, that just recently reached the 100 year mark, and that I am so proud to represent. We mix new ideas, designs and techniques and the result is very exciting and fashion forward.

I feel strongly that I want to give the customers a more long lived and emotionally important garment by using the best materials, innovative multi-functional shapes and forms that fit many different body types.

I want also to take a step as far as possible from fast-fashion and not make clothes that do not consider our environment and of course seek material that is not harming our planet.

Fall Winter 2017 Micas 1.jpg

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