Micas is a knitwear studio based in Helsinki and was founded by actress Marika Salomaa after a life long passion for knitting. 

Today the brand stands for innovative urban design and represents quality, functionality and style.



To understand what inspires me I need to tell you a story which was told to me by my grandfather. It has never left my heart. 

In the beginning of the 20th century my country, Finland was very poor. War-ridden and with the harsh climate it was a very hard place to live. You had to come up with new ways to get food, to build your house or clothe your children. Nothing was thrown away. My grandfather had 11 siblings and my great grandmother knitted or sew all the clothes to all the children. When you grew out of your sweater she unraveled it and with the same wool yarn she knitted a bigger one. This continued on and on. This specific ball of wool yarn is today in my keeping. It inspires me through out every collection and piece I design or make. 

This is why it is important to me to give my customers a more long lived and emotionally important piece by using the best eco-friendly materials, innovative multi-functional shapes and forms that fit many different body types.


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